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L-IP Router BACnet

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The LIP-ME201C, LIP-ME202C, and LIP-ME204C BACnet/‌IP Routers connect BACnet MS/‌TP channels to a BACnet/‌IP network. The BACnet routers are compliant with the standards ASHRAE 135‑2012 and ISO 16484‑5:2012. The routers can be configured to act as a BACnet Broadcast Management Device (BBMD). The L-IP BACnet/‌IP Routers also provide Foreign Device support.

The BACnet router can act as a BACnet Time Master and as a BACnet MS/‌TP Slave Proxy. Extended features like the optional write protection of the BDT, a BACnet/‌IP Access Control List (ACL), and a simple communications test for BBMD help to locate issues on the network. The BACnet router also features remote MS/‌TP data packet capturing. BACnet MS/‌TP data packets are captured by the device and can be analyzed using Wireshark (free Protocol Analyzer, Wireshark can either connect to the L-IP online or the capture file is loaded from the L-IPs web server and analyzed offline in Wireshark.

The complete device configuration of the BACnet router is done via the built-in web server, optionally also secured via HTTPS protocol.

The BACnet router is BTL tested and WSPcert certified as BACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC).

Each L-IP BACnet/‌IP Router is equipped with two Ethernet ports. It can either be configured to use the internal switch to interconnect the two ports or every port is configured to work in a separate IP network.

When the Ethernet ports are configured for two separate IP networks, one port can be connected for instance to a WAN (Wide Area Network) with enabled network security (HTTPS) while the second port can be configured to be connected to an insecure network (LAN) where the standard building automation protocols like BACnet/‌IP, LON/‌IP, or Modbus TCP are present. These devices also feature firewall functionality of course to isolate particular protocols or services between the ports. The built-in VPN function provides for simple VPN setup and secure access to remote sites. The LTE-800 interface enables wireless access to remote sites through a mobile carrier.

Using the internal switch, a daisy chained line topology of up to 20 devices can be built, which reduces costs for network installation. The IP switch also allows the setup of a redundant Ethernet installation (ring topology), which increases reliability. The redundant Ethernet topology is enabled by the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), which is supported by most managed switches.

L-IP Router BACnet Products


Successor of LIP-ME201, BACnet/IP Router, 1 x BACnet MS/TP (RS-485), 2 x Ethernet Port (BACnet/IP)

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BACnet/IP Router, 2 x BACnet MS/TP (RS-485), 2 x Ethernet Port (BACnet/IP)

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LIP-ME204CBACnet/IP Router, 4 x BACnet MS/TP (RS-485), 2 x Ethernet Port (BACnet/IP)
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Power supply unit with power connector 24 VDC, 15 W

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Network terminator for 1 x RS‑485 (bus topology, ANSI TIA/EIA-485), 1 x Network Access Connector RJ45

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Network terminator, 1 x RS‑485 (bus topology, ANSI TIA/EIA-485) with biasing circuit (failsafe biasing)

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  • Routes packets between BACnet MS/‌TP and BACnet/‌IP
  • Compliant with ANSI/‌ASHRAE 135‑2012 and ISO 16484‑5:2012 standard
  • BBMD (BACnet Broadcast Management Device)
  • Foreign device support
  • Slave Proxy for up to 32 MS/‌TP slave devices
  • Configuration via built-in web server
  • Built-in OPC XML‑DA and OPC UA server
  • Dual switched or separated Ethernet ports
  • Access to network statistics via web browser
  • BACnet MS/‌TP diagnostic LED
  • BACnet MS/‌TP diagnostic via web interface
  • MS/‌TP remote data packet capture (Wireshark)
  • Ethernet link and activity LED
  • Secure web interface via HTTPS
  • 128x64 graphic display with backlight
  • Local display of device information
  • Manual operation using the jog dial or VNC client
  • Supports WLAN through LWLAN‑800 Interface
  • Supports LTE through LTE‑800 Interface
  • Stores user-defined project documentation
  • Supports VPN for BACnet/IP


Dimensions in mm [inch]








Dimensions (mm) 107 x 100 x 75 (L x W x H) 159 x 100 x 75 (L x W x H)
Installation DIN rail mounting following DIN 43880, top hat rail EN 50022
Power supply 12-35 V DC / 12-24 V AC ±10 %, typ. 2.5 W 24 V DC / 24 V AC ±10 %, typ. 2.5 W
Operating conditions 0 °C to 50 °C, 10 – 90 % RH, non condensing, degree of protection: IP40, IP20 (terminals)
Interfaces 2 x Ethernet (100Base-T):
BACnet/‌IP, OPC XML‑DA (server), OPC UA (server), HTTP, FTP, SSH, HTTPS, Firewall, NTP, VNC, SNMP
2 x USB-A: WLAN (needs LWLAN‑800), LTE (needs LTE‑800)
1 x BACnet MS/‌TP 2 x BACnet MS/‌TP 4 x BACnet MS/‌TP
Tools Configuration via web browser