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Room Automation - Video

LROC-102 Room Controller



L-STUDIO is the world’s first IEC 61499 based room automation system. Any room function can be realized with L-STUDIO in a distributed system of L-ROC devices. This new approach in automation is called “Cloud Control”. In a cloud of L-ROC devices, all functions can be mapped automatically. The object-oriented design method allows the efficient reuse of previously implemented functions. In the graphical development environment of L‑STUDIO, entire corridors are created out of the room segment objects with just a few mouse clicks. The corridors are interconnected as floors and floors become buildings. The entire building application is automatically distributed to the L-ROC Controllers and is loaded into the devices.

New functions can be added to the room segment objects after initial configuration. These new functions can be applied individually or to all room segment objects very easily. Comprehensive debugging and watch functions allow for complete building troubleshooting of plant operation. An extensive library of functions is provided for heating, ventilation, cooling, lighting, sun blind control, and security. With the integrated L‑VIS/‌L‑WEB Configurator, graphical pages for L-VIS Touch Panels and L-WEB applications can be created.