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L-DALI: BACnet/DALI Controllers

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L‑DALI Controllers are multifunctional devices combining constant light control, sunblind control and gateway functions between DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) and BACnet or Modbus systems. With Alarming, Scheduling, Trending and e-mail notification (AST™) the L‑DALI Controller is a perfect solution for DALI lighting systems and for a smooth DALI integration into BACnet or Modbus networks.

DALI Network Interface

L-DALI represents a DALI-Master in the DALI network which can interact with DALI-2 multi-sensors and buttons in Multi-Master mode. The LDALI-ME204-U device is equipped with 4 independent DALI channels. The LDALI-ME201-U device is equipped with 1 DALI channel. Up to 64 DALI or DALI-2 based luminaries per DALI channel can be controlled individually or via 16 groups. All luminaries are monitored for lamp or ballast defect. In addition up to 16 DALI-2 multi-sensors and up to 64 DALI-2 button inputs are supported per DALI channel.

Built-In DALI Power Supply

All L-DALI models come with a built-in DALI bus power supply. The LDALI-ME201-U can supply its DALI channel with a guaranteed supply current of 230 mA, the LDALI-ME204-U can supply 116 mA per channel. In case of the LDALI-ME204-U an external DALI bus power supply can be added to top up the supply current to 232 mA. External power supplies are available for up to four DALI channels. The DALI bus power can be switched on and off via web interface or LCD UI. Thanks to the switching power supply, these devices can handle input voltages from 85 – 240 V AC, 50/ 60 Hz.

BACnet Connectivity

The L‑DALI Controllers feature connectivity in BACnet networks via BACnet/ IP or BACnet MS/ TP. They also provide data exchange through Global Connections and support comprehensive AST™ functionality (Alarming, Scheduling, and Trending). Full L‑WEB integration is supported as well. The L‑DALI Controllers are equipped with two Ethernet ports including a built-in Ethernet switch.

IoT Integration

The IoT function (Node.js) allows connecting the system to almost any cloud service, either for uploading historical data to analytics services, delivering alarm messages to alarm processing services or operating parts of the control system over a cloud service (e.g., scheduling based on Web calendars or booking systems). Processing Internet information such as weather data in forecast-based control is also possible. Finally, the JavaScript kernel also allows implementing serial protocols to non-standard equipment.

Local Operation and Override

The L‑DALI Controllers come with a built-in backlit display (128x64) and a jog dial for local operation and override. Using the local operation, maintenance tasks (DALI device replacement, burn-in mode, etc.) can be executed without the need of any software tool.

Constant Light Control

The integrated Constant Light Controller works with DALI and with BACnet devices. It supports various lighting control strategies, presence and lux level based. Several parameters can be used to configure the Constant Light Controller for almost any use case.

Sunblind Control with Constant Light Control Interaction

The integrated Sunblind Controller application allows intelligent controlling of blinds connected via SMI (requires LSMI-804). It offers effective sun and anti-glare protection through active slat control and slat adjustment according to the sun position. Energy efficiency is ensured by linking room occupancy with sun protection. If a room is unoccupied, the L‑DALI Controller opens or closes the sunblinds depending on the thermal requirements. This allows for instance to use the heat of the sun for heating in winter while in summer, the heat from the sun is reduced by the closed blinds to reduce the cooling load.

Optionally, the sunblind and light control applications of a room or an area can be linked together. As both applications control the light available in the room this holistic approach assures maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

In addition to the constant light and sunblind control, any mathematical calculation and function or logical operation (Boolean algebra) can be created on the device and process all available data points.

Device Configuration via Tool or Web Interface

The device configuration, commissioning, and parameterization is done either with the configuration tool software or via the integrated web server.

EnOcean, OPC and Modbus

EnOcean sensors and buttons can be integrated via the optional L‑ENO EnOcean interface. To use the L‑DALI with an existing SCADA solution all run-time values and parameters can be accessed via BACnet, OPC (XML/DA and UA) and Modbus TCP.

Advanced DALI Functions

  • DALI Sensors
    The L-DALI Controllers support the integration of DALI-2 multi-sensors for presence detection and light level recognition. In addition to the LOYTEC DALI-2 multi-sensor LDALI-MS2, DALI-2 sensors of many wellknown manufacturers can be used.
  • DALI Buttons
    For manual operation, DALI-2 push button couplers, like the LDALI-BM2, DALI-2 operation panels and IR remote controls can be integrated into the system. Their functionality can be configured individually. In addition to controlling lighting via DALI (dimming, scene recall, etc.) and sunblinds via SMI (up, down, etc.), button press events can be propagated in the building network, triggering other, non-lighting related building automation functions.
  • DALI Relay Modules
    Standard loads in the power grid can be controlled via DALI using DALI relay modules, like the LDALI-RM3 and LDALI-RM4.
  • DALI Color Control
    The L-DALI allows controlling DALI luminaires with color control functionality (DT8). Both, tunable white (Tc) and full RGB color control (RGBWAF and xycoordinate) are supported. Light color can either be changed automatically, via manual operation (e.g. buttons) or via the network.
  • Auto Burn-In for Fluorescent Lamps
    Fluorescent lamps must be operated about 100 hours with 100 % brightness before they may be dimmed. This burn-in process is monitored by L‑DALI for each lamp. After 100 hours burn-in time, the lamp’s constant light control is enabled.
  • Automatic Test of Emergency Lighting Systems
    IIn DALI emergency lighting systems based on IEC 62386-202, L-DALI can be used for testing the sys-tem. The results can be logged.
  • Collection of Important Operational Parameters
    For maximum transparency in the lighting system, L‑DALI can record the operating hours of each lamp and also the energy consumption (calculated).
  • ldali bacnet website 01DALI Device Replacement made Easy
    Defective DALI ballasts can easily be replaced directly on the L‑DALI Controller (LCD and jog dial) or via the web interface. No software tool is necessary.

Smooth DALI integration into BACnet and Modbus Networks

The L‑DALI Controller maps information from the DALI network to BACnet objects or Modbus registers that are used to control DALI ballasts or to display operating states.

BACnet Interface

The following BACnet server objects are supported:

  • Analog Output objects to control DALI ballasts, groups, and channels
  • Multi-State Output objects for scene control of DALI groups and channels Analog Input objects providing feedback from DALI ballast, groups, and channels
  • Analog Input objects providing status information from DALI groups and channels
  • Accumulator objects providing estimated energy usage of DALI groups and channels
  • Multi-State Output objects to issue commands (start/stop emergency test or burn-in, change color temperature, etc.) to DALI ballasts, groups and channels
  • Analog Input objects providing battery status of emergency ballasts, groups
  • Analog Input objects providing lux level information from supported DALI sensors
  • Binary Input objects providing occupancy information from supported DALI sensors
  • Loop objects providing constant light controller functionality
  • Binary Input objects providing button information from supported DALI buttons
  • Various objects to control sunblinds

All data points are available on the web server in a tree structure and can be displayed and set via a web browser.


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L-DALI: BACnet/DALI Controllers Products

LDALI-ME201-UBACnet/DALI Controller, 1 DALI channel, integrated DALI power supply
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LDALI-ME204-UBACnet/DALI Controller, 4 DALI channels
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LIC-MOD5License to add 5 Modbus devices for LDALI-ME201-U, LDALI-ME204-U
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DALI-2 power supply, 85-240 V, 50/60 Hz, Output: 2 x 16 VDC, 116 mA (DALI bus)

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DALI-2 power supply, 85-240 V, 50/60 Hz, Output: 4 x 16 VDC, 116 mA (DALI bus)

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Power supply unit with power connector 24 VDC, 15 W

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Infrared remote control for room automation applications

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DALI multi-sensor (presence detection, lux sensor, IR receiver, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, 3 digital inputs)

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Quadruple DALI pushbutton coupler

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DALI Relay Module 10 A, Analog Interface 0 – 10 V and 1 – 10 V, “spud-mount”

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LSMI-804Standard Motor Interface for 64 motors, 4 SMI channels via USB
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Wireless LAN Interface IEEE 802.11bgn

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EnOcean Interface 868 MHz Europe

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EnOcean Interface 902 MHz USA/Canada

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EnOcean Interface 928 MHz Japan

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