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ÖVKT Symposium 2016 Event Review

The first lecture was designed by Helmut Zirbs, a certified expert, and served to clarify definitions and important basic prerequisites for competent and successful planning in the automation sector. In the course of the lecture, it became increasingly apparent that the appointment of an integration planner is almost indispensable. As a requirement profile, the latter must guarantee the definition, design and function of the interfaces. Maximilian Riegler of MR-Tech gave an insight into the many-faceted challenges of the implementation of an automation project. Above all, the various interests of the stakeholders involved were examined accordingly.

After the lunch break, our colleague Thomas Zhanel had the task to keep the participants from their midday nap. He achieved that easily with the aid of LOYTEC technology. Starting with the description of the most important trades in room automation, which are merged into a fully integrated automation system using L-ROC. He went on with a short essay on management systems and how flexible and customer-oriented a modern solution can be today. Finally, a demonstration of how simple visualizations can be created concluded the evening, when Thomas Zhanel presented the handling of the LOYTEC visualization tool.

All day long building automation was extensively discussed. Safety was an ever-recurring theme, driven also by the current events. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to be able to use safety functions in building automation systems. This can be, for example, the encryption of the individual data connections in the automation network or also the protection of the automation stations by certificate management.

More than 50 participants enjoyed the art nouveau ambience in the Otto Wagner festival hall, and it turned out that requirements and problems in building automation were very similar to many visitors. With LOYTEC technology, we can master many of these challenges.