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BUCS 2019 in Vienna, Austria

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LOYTEC is pleased to announce the Buildings under Control Symposium 2019 which will be held in Vienna, Austria. The expert conference for LOYTEC Competence Centers, Competence Partners and Distributors will be hosted by LOYTEC in English language to meet the needs of the international audience.

Exciting lectures, lively debates, socializing, and networking with experts from all over the globe are on the agenda. This time the BUCS will take place on 3 days. We are also looking forward to the "20 Years LOYTEC Anniversary Tour" that will take us to exciting historical places around Vienna on October 25.

Tuesday, October 22 - Day 1 of BUCS
12:00 Registration and Lunch  
13:30 Welcome  
13:45 Presentation

LOYTEC presents the new Sales Force
Harald Hasenclever, Sales Director EMEA @ LOYTEC
Daryl Clasen, Sales Manager Americas @ LOYTEC

Get to know the Sales Managers and Sales Application Engineers
responsible for your region and also who to contact (project engineering,
technical support, sales concept, and more).

14:30 Presentation

LOYTEC Technical Trainings and the Online Platform
Norbert Reiter, VP Training & Support @ LOYTEC

There are many ways of learning how to use LOYTEC products. This
session will present our classroom training program as well as our
latest online activities which enable you to use the full potential of
our products.
• Classroom training program (trainings, locations, and more)
• Online training platform, webforum, tutorial videos, example projects

15:00 Coffee Break
15:45 Presentation

Marketing and Promotion Material
Hans-Jörg Schweinzer, CEO @ LOYTEC

Get to know the comprehensive LOYTEC marketing material. What is
and where can I find it?

16:30 Presentation

Fully integrated Delta Solutions
Danijel Nuic, Senior Sales Application Engineer Austria @ LOYTEC

The requirements for building automation systems have significantly
changed in recent years. Learn about the driving forces behind these
changes, how they are impacting the evolution of building automation
communication, what the added values are and why only fully
integrated solutions are capable of fulfilling these emerging requirements.

17:00 Success Stories


A BIM-based FM-System was sucessfully implemented through OPC UA
David Chao, Sales @ Delta electronics

Unexpected Connections
Dennis Jongkoen, Projectmanager @ Numan & Kant
Roel Bielderman, Software Engineer @ Numan & Kant

17:45 Closing Day 1  
Wednesday, October 23 - Day 2 of BUCS
09:00 Opening Day 2  
09:15 Presentation

How to Promote, Plan and Sell L-ROC
Sascha Remmers, Senior Sales Application Engineer EMEA @ LOYTEC

Get to know how room automation boosts energy efficiency, user comfort
and flexibility and even more benefits for investors, planers, system
integrators, operators, tenants and end users. A planning example
with a floor plan will also explain the concept of “super” segment-types
and “super” L-ROC types. Use the opportunity to get a live demo for your

10:15 Success Story Room and Building Automation at WINX Tower in Frankfurt/Germany
Dieter Jendrzejzyk, CEO @ J+K Regeltechnik
10:30 Coffee Break   
11:15 Presentation

Unitary Controller Solution
Daryl Clasen, Sales Manager Americas @ LOYTEC

Unitary and terminal unit controllers historically consist the major
portion of a conventional HVAC system, with a choice of many different
controller types with concentration on first cost of the hardware.
Programming effort, installation ease, and device cost comprise the
overall evaluation. This becomes the basis of a new controller from LOYTEC.

12:15 Success Stories Energy Saving and Humidity Control in a 5 Star Resort with LIOB-585
Teresa Carlon, Sales Manager LATAM @ LOYTEC
Net Zero at NeoCity School, Rick Joyner, President @ TBI
Multifunctional Installation with LIOB-585, Tom Copeland @ CSI
12:30 Lunch Break  
14:00 Presentation

DALI Control Solutions – Thinking beyond Lighting
Ulrich Howorka, Senior Sales Application Engineer EMEA @ LOYTEC

Unleash the full potential of the built-in L-DALI applications for
competitive offerings. With the new DALI-2 certified L-DALI products we
will see why DALI-2 is so important to offer an interoperable lighting
solution. Light is sometimes more that you can see. You will learn
about the benefits of human centric lighting, and about a new solution
to integrate freestanding luminaires via EnOcean.

15:00 Success Story Hotel Project in Osaka/Japan
Toshiaki Sasaoka,  @ Koyo Electric
Kento Sugimoto, @ Koyo Electric

BMS & Safety - full Integration in Parklake Shopping Center
Luis David, Director Building Efficiency @ RACE
15:15 Coffee Break  
16:00 Presentation

IoT Integration – paves the Way into Future
Norbert Reiter, VP Training & Support @ LOYTEC

The advent of the Internet of Things brought forward a myriad of connected
everyday devices and services. Learn about LOYTEC’s approach to integrate
IoT devices into traditional building automation.

16:45 Success Story LOYTEC and Node.js: Powerful Retrofit Solutions for Room Automation
Gianni Toni, Project Engineer @ Casadei & Pelizzaro
Marco Barnabè, Sales Manager @ Casadei & Pelizzaro
17:00 Closing Day 2  
18:45  Group Dinner at Pfarrwirt
Thursday, October 24 - Day 3 of BUCS
09:00 Opening Day 3  
09:15 Presentation What does it really take to make a Building Smart?
Fabian LENZ, Head of Innovation @ Goldbeck GmbH
09:50 Presentation

VPN, Network Design
Andreas Döderlein, Product Manager @ LOYTEC

Remote maintenance and monitoring comes at the cost of increased
exposure to security threats. Learn how to design your IP-network to
provide secure access to remote sites using built-in features of LOYTEC
devices and the LWEB-900 building management system.

10:30 Coffee Break  
11:15 Presentation

IoT in a Nutshell
Stefan Soucek-Noe, Product Manager @ LOYTEC

A survey is presented on typical IoT functions and how they can be
embedded in a LOYTEC device using JavaScript in script resources,
script objects and the data point interface. Learn about the basic concepts
and best practices for script development on the PC and debugging on the
device in order to get on the fast track to IoT integration.

12:00 Success Story SMART Building Platform with ElioT & L-ROC
Harald Störk, CEO @ Leicom AG
Björn Erb, PM & RND @ Leicom AG
12:15 Lunch and Networking
14:00 Presentation

L-STUDIO - Empowering Libraries
Thomas Rauscher, Product Manager @ LOYTEC

LOYTEC provides various libraries covering building automation, room
automation, lighting solutions, VAV systems and IOT integration.
Requirements coming from domestic and international standardization
and regulations, like AMEV and KBOB, leads us to converged libraries
that evolve the implementation of future buildings. Increasing both,
standardization and flexibility at the same time, will turn out as the
key challenge for upcoming building automation libraries.

15:15 Success Story Chiller Plant Manager
Juan Pablo, Automation Division Manager @ CYVSA
Jorge Pichardo, Manager @ CYVSA
15:30 Coffee Break  
16:15 Presentation Outlook and Roadmap
17:00 Closing Day 3  


bucs party
Friday, October 25 - Post-Event
LOYTEC 20 Year Anniversary Tour
On October 25, the 20 Years Anniversary Tour will take us to exciting historical places around Vienna. We will enjoy the fascinating Austrian culture, great food and even better wine. For participants of the BUCS 2019, the 20 Years Anniversary Tour on October 25 is free.

The agenda for this special tour will be announced soon. We will retour to Vienna around midnight.