Hotel Management School Belvoirpark, Switzerland, 2015

Hotel Management School Belvoirpark PentaControl AG convinces Hotel Industry with LWEB-900 Building Management System

Building automation develops rapidly and remarkably influences energy efficiency of buildings and industrial plants. It can be seen as “the brain of a building” that controls and monitors a building’s conditions. PentaControl AG implements the building management system for the hotel management school Belvoirpark, Switzerland’s most modern hotel management school!

The new building sets trendsetting standards regarding functionality, infrastructure, and esthetic. The highly professional atmosphere of the new educational building is not only reflected in the spacious premises and the modern architecture, but also in the comprehensive building management system of PentaControl AG. LOYTEC’s intelligent BMS LWEB-900 ensures the perfect control of heating and cooling, ventilation, and also room ambiance.

The smooth cooperation with planners and operators was a central issue of this project and crucial for its success. PentaControl AG demonstrated its expertise already with the control system for heating and cooling. The building automation project has been integrated intelligently and locally in miscellaneous controllers. The structure offers a key advantage: the functions are directly processed wherever they are needed. This constellation is perfectly suited for the control of individual rooms.

Extremely exciting and highly efficient is the use of energy from geothermal systems for the heating and cooling process. With a demanding hydraulic system and more than 120 controlled components, the required energy for heating and cooling is drawn from 41 earth probes by means of two heat pumps with 245 kW power each. The load-dependent energy production through the intelligent automation system ensures optimum consumption of energy.

Hotelfachschule_Schler.jpgVarious recording tools guarantee continuous monitoring of the system and its functions. A high system availability makes intelligent alarm forwarding necessary. The portal NUNTIO from PentaControl AG thereby completes the LWEB-900 system with a sophisticated alarm distribution based on a redundant design via numerous alarm server portals. NUNTIO and LWEB-900 are a cost effective alternative to traditional alarm server solutions. 

The School’s In-House Restaurant impresses with comfortable Room Ambiance

Through the demand based control of the different needs in kitchen, restaurant, and other premises, ideal conditions for students and guests are created. Altogether, four ventilation and air conditioning systems are controlled by PentaControl’s control system, achieving a pleasant climate not only in the restaurant but also in the large kitchen.

In the modern kitchen, the industrial water heat production ensures an appropriate supply of hot water, taking into account the wasted heat from commercial cooling. The plants of commercial cooling ensure the right temperature in cold storage cells and rooms which are continuously monitored. Malfunctions are immediately reported as soon as predefined thresholds in the cold chain cannot be met or someone is locked in the cold storage. 

In-House Restaurant Belvoirpark Kitchen Belvoirpark

Comfort is decisive for the Efficiency of Students

The available training rooms of superlatives are an essential component of the hotel management school. Here, scientific and technical knowledge is conveyed that is path-breaking for the student’s careers. The restaurant Belvoirpark, a guild house situated in the city center, and also a catering service belong to the school. This combination is what makes the school special. All 144 students that are trained to become restaurant and hotel management experts benefit from this practical education.

To ideally transfer and absorb knowledge, the right climate is necessary. Temperature, humidity and air circulation determine the level of comfort. This is ensured by building automation from PentaControl AG. The latest audio-visual equipment helps to transfer knowledge and is integrated in the IT infrastructure. Thereby it is guaranteed that communication via GSM or WLAN works anywhere.

Interesting Facts

Devices: L-INX, LVIS-3ME15-xx, LWEB-900


Zurich, Switzerland

Number of Nodes

approx. 3,000 Nodes



Companies involved

Architect Peter Märkli, Zurich; GA Planner, AicherDeMartinZweng AG Luzern; HVAC Planner, BEAG Engineering AG, Winterthur

LOYTEC Components       

5 x L-INX, 1 x L-VIS 15"