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L-VIS Touch Panels for BACnet networks


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Network Connectivity

LVIS-ME200/ME212/ME215 Touch Display (BACnet)

The L-VIS Touch Panel is fully compliant with the ANSI/ASHRAE-135-2004 and ISO 16484-5 standards and supports communication either on a BACnet MS/TP or BACnet/IP (Ethernet/IP) channel. Up to 500 BACnet server objects (binary, analog, and multi state) as well as scheduling, alarming and trending objects can be used to display or control any information on the network. The L-VIS Touch Panel represents a BACnet Advanced Application Controller (B-AAC) and supports BACnet client functions like WriteProperty, ReadProperty and COV Subscription.


LVIS-ME212 and LVIS-ME215 - Daisy Chaining with integrated Ethernet switch

The 12.1" and the 15" L-VIS Touch Panels feature an integrated dual port Ethernet switch which allows for extremely flexible topology configurations. The Panels can be connected through Ethernet one after another which significantly reduces the required wiring effort and cabling cost. For many applications, this is a very nice alternative to the traditional star topology.
Up to 10 L-VIS Touch Panels can be connected in a row.

The LVIS-ME212 and LVIS-ME215 do also support the STP (Spanning Tree Protocol). Thus, the panels can be connected in an Ethernet ring. This highly benificial feature results in a highly available setup since even when an Ehternet connection between the panels fails or a device in the ring fails, the reminding panels keep working properly.