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Parc Hotel Alvisse, Dommeldange, Luxembourg, 2013

Parc Hotel Alvisse

The Parc Hotel Alvisse **** is located in a quiet and green environment on the outskirts of Luxembourg and is only 5 minutes away from the city center and the airport of Luxembourg Findel. It offers 320 comfortable rooms and luxury studios, a restaurant with a bar, wellness area, an indoor and outdoor pool and also conference and meeting rooms. A Bowling alley, discotheque, and a large dining hall complete the hotel’s facilities.

In 2013, the hotel was entirely renovated and equipped with the latest technology.



The technical facilities consist of:

  • Heating system with 4 gas boilers and distribution adding up to a total of 1100 kW
  • Warm water preparation
  • Cooling 7°C/12°C 360kW
  • 4 highly efficient ventilation systems (HOWATHERM)
  • Individual room control for the hotel rooms

The following requirements are specified for the system:

  • Easy operation on-site and via remote access
  • Easy setting of timers and setpoints
  • Transmission of fault alarms to hotel management
  • Visualization of the individual room controllers of the hotel rooms (Occupancy / Temperature / zone-wise deactivation)

Indoor PoolThe entire facility is decentralized distributed over 3 central ventilation stations and one central heating station. In each ventilation station there is a control cabinet with one LVIS-ME215 Touch Panel. The large dining hall has a separate remote control via an LVIS-ME212 Touch Panel, managing its 4 zones.

In the administrative office, an LVIS-ME215 is installed. This Touch Panel is responsible for the visualization of fault alarms and also the hotel rooms.

All devices are BACnet compatible and run on the IT network of the hotel. The technical and external service staff of the hotel can dial in over a VPN connection.

Hotel RoomAll L-VIS devices can be operated over a VNC Client, without the use of a control center.

The following special requirements have been implemented:

  • The hotel rooms are equipped with key card switches. If a hotel guest enters the room, he inserts the key card in the key card switch to activate the room. Through visualization of this information it is possible to plan the cleaning service more efficiently.
  • The hotel rooms are divided into groups (zones) of a maximum of 10 rooms. In case of selective booking, the rooms can be switched off via the touch panel in the administrative office for energy saving measures. In this mode, the air conditioning is not activated, even if the key card is inserted, and only a safety mode is guaranteed.

The integration of the individual room controllers (HONEYWELL XL10) was implemented via LON. A LINX-150 Automation Server is used for the following functions:

  • Translation of LON data to BACnet: The possibility of integrating UNVT variables has proven successful. With one binding, 4 data points could be mapped to BACnet, which leads to significant time saving on the LON side.
  • The communication to each individual room controller is monitored and problems are aggregated and displayed zone-wise in a data point register. If a communication problem occurs, it is displayed on the touch panel and can be accurately localized over the register.
  • The control of the individual room controller in the case of a zone-wide deactivation needed a logic program and was directly executed in the LINX-150 via Logicad.


Interesting Facts

Location Dommeldange, Luxembourg

Number of Nodes 2000
Topology BACNet/IP LON/CEA-709, LON/IP-85

Companies involved ELCO S.A.

LOYTEC Cpmponents    LINX-150 , LVIS-ME212, LVIS-ME215 ,LIP-3333ECTB

L-VIS Configurator , L-INX Configurator , L-LOGICAD