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City Hall Innsbruck, Austria

Rathaus_m.jpgThe shopping center in the old city hall is the new hot spot of Innsbruck. Seven cafes, bars, and restaurants cater for visitors and invite them to stay.

    * Lighting and shading control (offices + communal area)
    * Shading dependent on current sun altitude
    * Client-server operation
    * Interface to JCI devices (visualization)
    * Automatic lighting control (time and daylight dependent)
       by application controller
    * Interface to multimedia equipment



Interesting Facts


Location Innsbruck, Austria

Number of Nodes
approx. 500

Topology Communal area (FT-10) and offices (LPT-10) connected via TP-1250 backbone.

Companies involved GBH-Hölzl

LOYTEC Components
4 x LS-13333C, multiport router

LPA, protocol analyzer