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China Reinsurance Office Building, Beijing, China

china_reinsurance.jpgThe China Reinsurance office building is near the famous Financial Street in Beijing, China. The building automation system (BAS) is designed to use LOYTEC components, such as NIC709-PCI, L-Switch, LSD Tool, LPA for high quality CEA-709 network infrastructure and troubleshooting. The BAS also includes TAC Vista IV, Xenta Controllers, and other LonMark nodes made by Chinese manufacturers. The BAS is a true plug&play open system.






Interesting Facts


Location Financial Street, Beijing, China

Number of Nodes
1 building, 360 nodes

FT-10 sub-channel, TP1250 backbone

Companies involved IBM China, Beijing Force Control Co.,Ltd

LOYTEC Components
3 x LS-13300C, multiport router
1 x NIC709-PCI, network interface

LPA protocol analyzer, LSD system diagnostic tool