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Il sole 24 ore - Head Office, Milan, Italy

berlin_hbf_m.jpg The new head office of Italy’s leading financial journal ‘Il sole 24 ore’ is a building complex with more than 1,200 office and conference rooms and a floor space of 48,000 m². The integration of HVAC, lighting, security (access control and video control), fire alarm systems, and energy consumption logging in a building management system with 65,000 data points as well as the data exchange between the building management system and the financial and human resource management allows an efficient operation of the real estate. The total operating cost can be reduced to a necessary minimum and the service personal can operate demand-oriented whereas a high comfort level in the offices is assured.




Interesting Facts


Location Milan, Italy

Number of Nodes

Topology CEA-709 with IP-852 (Ethernet/IP) backbone

Companies involved Honeywell

LOYTEC Components
75 LIP-Router