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Fremantle Esplanade Hotel (Rydges), Australia, 2016


Building Control Systems was engaged to replace the existing building management system of the Rydges Hotel. The hotel is located in the port city of Fremantle in Western Australia. It is a heritage listed 4.5 star hotel with 300 guest rooms, 2 bars, 2 restaurants, and one of the largest convention and exhibition venues in Western Australia.

Building Control Systems decided to deploy a LOYTEC Building Management System to manage and maintain HVAC control of the entire function centre, the main heating and cooling plant for the hotel, the four-storey resort wing plant, and also the restaurants and bars. This was the first LOYTEC BMS system installation in Australia, using L-INX devices.

The LOYTEC BMS controls 8 constant volume air handling units, 3 rooftop PAC units, toilet exhaust fans, general exhaust fans, kitchen exhaust fans and ventilation systems, 1 gas fired boiler, and associated heating pumps (low level), chillers, pumps and cooling towers.  

Interesting Facts

Location Fremantle, Western Australia

Number of Nodes -

Topology -

Companies involved Building Control Systems (BCS)

LOYTEC Components   LINX-220, LINX-221, LIOB-580, LIOB-10x, LIOB-15x, LWEB-803, LWEB-802

LOYTEC Tools LOYTEC Configuration Software, LOYTEC Graphics Library, LOYTEC Function, LWEB-900 Building Management System