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School District of Decatur Township, Indianapolis, USA, 2011


decatur-intermediate-learning-center_01.jpgThe Decatur Intermediate Learning Center and local district Sports Center, located in the Decatur Township, Indiana USA, faced a situation common to many modern schools with a building having multiple use requirements throughout the week for regular and extracurricular activities. To maximize energy savings on equipment usage the ability to schedule occupancy properly has become a must.

The issue that arises with scheduling buildings is the large amount of required schedules and events, down to the individual room level. It is not practical to manage multiple schedules independently.
Perfection Services Inc., Cincinnati Ohio, in connection with LOYTEC provided an enterprise scheduling solution to address the needs in the facilities with LOYTEC L-INX Automation Servers and the L-WEB Master Scheduler.

week_view.jpgSchedulers and associated calendars are combined at different levels of hierarchy in the Master Scheduler. Entries on the highest levels have an impact on all schedules, and entries on the lowest levels only affect local schedules. Events such as holidays or teacher in service days can be globally scheduled rather than requiring users to independently go to each scheduled device to add changes. With L-WEB local overrides can be set and later reviewed in the Master Scheduler for further adjustment or consideration.

Since the installation was also integrating product into an existing LNS® database, the L-INX Automation Servers were a drop in solution that did not require any proprietary framework for communication or system architecture reconfiguration. The L-INX Automation Servers have built-in TP/FT-10 to IP-852 routing capability and do not need to employ data proxy gateway to IP. The configuration tool runs as an industry standard LNS® plug in further simplifying installation into the existing LNS® environment, providing a cost effective system solution.

graphical_viz.jpgGraphical visualization with monitoring and control is done via the free web services based LWEB-800. Creation of custom building graphics, desktop widgets or kiosk based visualization is possible with the free graphical configuration tool.

The Metropolitan School District of Decatur Township improved system performance with LOYTEC automation solutions and now enjoys local and global scheduling with LOYTEC automation products that do not require licensing fees and costs for future device upgrades. 


Interesting Facts


Location Decatur Township, Indianapolis, USA

Number of Nodes

Topology IP-852, TP/FT-10, Modbus RTU

Companies involved
Perfection Services Inc.

LOYTEC Components
7 LINX-101 Automation Servers

LWEB-800 Visualization, LWEB-801 Server, LWEB-820 Master Schedule Configurator