Manchester Airport, Manchester, Great Britain, 2013

Terminal 2

The LOYTEC systems integrator Calon in cooperation with the company Building Environment Control integrated a modern DALI lighting system with constant light control and occupancy detection in the Manchester Airport, terminal 2.

The lighting system is integrated in the airport’s BMS and flight control systems via BACnet. This allows automatic configuration at each gate according to the flight departure and arrival schedules, time of day, and ambient light level.

The integral solution includes the following features:

  • Daylight and occupancy based lighting control
  • Connection to the airport’s “Flight Information System”: The information regarding occupied gates is sent to the DALI lighting system. The set point is raised for occupied gates whereas it is lowered for currently unused gates.
  • “Maintenance-free” due to the use of LED technology

The new and more efficient luminaires allow replacement savings of approximately 2,000 MWh annually. In addition, 1,000 MWh can be saved because of the automatic control functions of the installed lighting system.

Projects for lighting control of the public areas of Terminals 1 & 3 are already in the planning stage.


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Interesting Facts

Location Manchester, Great Britain

Number of Nodes DALI ballasts: > 2500 and DALI multi-sensors: > 500
Topology BACnet, DALI

Companies involved Calon, Building Environment Control

LOYTEC Components    26 x LDALI-ME204