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Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Netherlands

jaarbeurs_utrecht.jpgJaarbeurs Utrecht is the place to meet in the Netherlands. Whether it is for a short meeting, a congress of several days, a trade fair, or any other event, Jaarbeurs Utrecht offers the appropriate facilities and services.

On initiative of the Utrecht Department of Dutch Manufacturers (Vereeniging Nederlandsch Fabrikaat), the first Dutch Jaarbeurs (annual exhibition) took place in 1917. Where 690 exhibitors did welcome 150,000 visitors in 1917, in 2006 1.5 million visitors found their way to fairs and exhibitions hosted by Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Besides fairs and exhibition facilities, Jaarbeurs Utrecht offers premises for congresses, conferences, meetings as well as any other kind of events, and with the Beatrix Theatre, even for shows and musicals.


Interesting Facts


Location Utrecht, Netherlands

Number of Nodes 263

Topology CEA-709 with IP-852 (Ethernet/IP) backbone

Companies involved Kropman B.V., Netherlands

LOYTEC Components 2 L-IP Router
5 L-Switch LS-13333C
2 L-Term LT-13
20 L-Term LT-33