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"The Warehouse", Copenhagen, Denmark, 2013


 “The Warehouse” in Copenhagen is a new office building for different tenants. It is built on the Langelinie Quay 1 Copenhagen, near the famous sculpture “The little Mermaid”. The new building needed an appropriate automation system for automating the functions of ventilation, heating/cooling, and lighting. For that purpose, Grue & Hornstrup was commissioned to implement the system.

Grue & Hornstrup, in corporation with Kemp & Lauritzen A/S, implemented a system based on LOYTEC components for room control and energy metering. The LOYTEC components are combined with PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) for controlling the ventilation and heating/cooling system and with a SCADA system to ensure full control and condition reporting of the systems.

The Building Management System runs on an IP network to ensure fast and steady communication and to facilitate maintenance and adaption of software.

The Warehouse


Interesting Facts

Location Copenhagen, Denmark

Number of Nodes 3053
Topology CEA-709 (LonMark), Dali

Companies involved Grue & Hornstrup, Kemp & Lauritzen A/S

LOYTEC Cpmponents    12 x LINX-120, 163 x LIOB-151, 163 x LIOB-152, 90 x  LDAL-3E101, 90 x LDALI-PWR2-U